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Google Sheets

Copy Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Copying conditional formatting in Google Sheets is a time-saving technique to apply consistent formatting rules across multiple cells or ranges. In this step-by-step guide, we'll explore various methods to seamlessly copy conditional formatting, allowing you to maintain a uniform and visually appealing spreadsheet.

Recognizing the Importance of Copying Conditional Formatting

Copying conditional formatting is crucial for maintaining a consistent visual style and highlighting specific data patterns throughout your Google Sheets. Mastering the techniques for copying conditional formatting is essential for efficient data representation.

Method 1: Using the Format Painter Tool

Learn the foundational method of copying conditional formatting using the Format Painter tool in Google Sheets. Understand how to select a cell with the desired formatting, click on the Format Painter icon, and apply the formatting to other cells or ranges.

Method 2: Copying and Pasting Formatting

Explore copying and pasting formatting as a straightforward method for duplicating conditional formatting rules. Learn how to select a cell or range with existing formatting, use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C on Windows/Linux or Command+C on Mac), select the target cells, and paste the formatting (Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows/Linux or Command+Shift+V on Mac).

Method 3: Copying Formatting with the "Paint Format" Tool

Dive into using the "Paint Format" tool for copying conditional formatting between cells or ranges. Learn how to use the "Paint Format" icon in the toolbar to copy formatting from one cell to others without the need for continuous clicking.

Method 4: Copying Conditional Formatting Across Sheets

Understand how to copy conditional formatting across sheets in Google Sheets. Learn how to use the Format Painter or Copy-Paste methods to duplicate conditional formatting rules from one sheet to another, maintaining a consistent visual style.

Method 5: Advanced Copying with Google Apps Script

Explore advanced conditional formatting copying using Google Apps Script for customized automation. Learn how to create scripts that automatically apply specific conditional formatting rules based on criteria, providing a powerful tool for customizing your formatting process.


In conclusion, copying conditional formatting in Google Sheets is a fundamental skill for maintaining a visually appealing and consistent spreadsheet. Whether you're using the Format Painter tool, copying and pasting formatting, the "Paint Format" tool, copying across sheets, or leveraging Google Apps Script for advanced automation, the methods outlined in this guide provide a comprehensive toolkit for efficient formatting duplication. By incorporating these techniques into your spreadsheet management workflow, you'll ensure a uniform and visually pleasing representation of your data in Google Sheets.