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Management Consulting Intern

Remote | Canada

At Finofo, We're On A Mission

We are building an operating system for finance teams of businesses that streamlines accounts payable, simplifies financial planning, delivers precise financial risk analytics with FX hedging recommendations, and offers the ability to execute transactions directly from the platform. Our vision? To be the singular platform where businesses can transact, plan, strategize, and make smart financial decisions.

We are a VC-backed, revenue-generating fintech startup with a significant cash runway. Please read more on our careers page.

About the Role

Finofo’s consulting business unit is a federal government recognized digital transformation advisory unit listed on the government marketplace. We are looking for an SME Management Consulting Intern to join our team.

Is that you?

  • You possess innate business common sense. While many business programs may not dive deeply into the SME landscape, it's crucial for you to intuitively understand and navigate the unique challenges faced by small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • You're solution-driven, with a knack for addressing pain points stalling businesses.
  • Your grasp on technology's role in driving SMEs towards financial, operational, and growth objectives is unparalleled.
  • Armed with impeccable writing skills, you distill research into concise, impactful communication.
  • You are not a perfectionist and understand the importance of delivering projects on time.

You Will Love This Job If You

  • Value autonomy at your workplace.
  • Like starting projects from scratch and can swiftly move from one project to another.
  • Are curious about diverse industry environments: Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Hospitality, Healthcare, and more.
  • Value breadth of experience more than specializing in one area.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Work on projects that assess the current state of an SME, its business objectives, and the obstacles hindering their success. After this assessment, determine how technology can assist SMEs in achieving these objectives.
  • Acquaint yourself with prospective technologies, assessing costs, implementation strategies, and compatibility with SMEs' technical competencies.
  • Craft comprehensive reports detailing research insights and potential solutions.
  • Spread awareness of the government program to regional centers of influence for SMEs such as Accounting firms, and Chambers of Commerce.

For success in this role, you will need to:

  • Conduct in-depth interviews with technology vendors to ensure a precise fit for the problem.
  • Avoid generic solutions and customize recommendations based on each business's unique operations and technical expertise.
  • Bring a business-oriented background and expertise in business report writing.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in evaluating digital technologies and crafting high-level implementation plans.

Bonus points:

Prior experience with an SME, especially within the Canadian business landscape.

Why should you work for Finofo?

  • Competitive hourly compensation at the intern level, complemented by performance-based incentives.
  • Dive into a spectrum of projects across diverse SME industries, gaining invaluable insights.
  • Flexible schedule and remote work.

Interested in joining our journey? Apply now. We can't wait to hear from you.