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Excel Guide

A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Excel Median Calculation Methods

Discovering how to find the median in Excel is a straightforward process, and there are various approaches to achieve it. This comprehensive guide outlines the step-by-step procedures for calculating the median in Excel using both the built-in median function and the data analysis toolpak.

Using the Median Function in Excel

Excel's median function is a pre-built tool designed for efficiently calculating the median of a given range of values. To employ this function, simply input the desired cell range into the function as shown:

=MEDIAN(range of cells)

For instance, to find the median of values in cells A1 to A10, enter the following formula into any cell:


After entering the function, press enter, and the calculated median value will be displayed in the cell. It's that straightforward!

Using the Data Analysis Toolpak in Excel

The data analysis toolpak, an Excel add-in, extends the software's statistical analysis capabilities, including the option to calculate the median. Follow these steps to utilize the data analysis toolpak for median calculation:

  1. Open Excel and select the "Data" tab from the ribbon.
  2. Click on the "Data Analysis" button.
  3. In the appearing dialog box, choose the "Descriptive Statistics" option and click "OK."
  4. Another dialog box will emerge; select the desired cell range for median calculation in the "Input Range" field. Then, specify the cell for displaying the median in the "Output Range" field. Ensure the "Summary Statistics" checkbox is selected and click "OK."
  5. The calculated median will be displayed in the chosen cell.

Handling Outliers, Duplicate Values, and Blank Cells


If your dataset contains outliers, use the median function with the "ignore" option to exclude cells with errors, text, or empty values:


Duplicate Values

For datasets with duplicate values, employ the "unique" option to consider each value only once:


Blank Cells

If your dataset has blank cells, use the "empty" option to ignore them during median calculation:



Calculating the median in Excel is a straightforward process, and this guide has demonstrated various approaches using the median function and the data analysis toolpak. Additionally, you've learned how to handle outliers, duplicate values, and blank cells in your dataset.