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Excel Guide

A Stepwise Guide to Crafting a Scatter Plot in Excel

A scatter plot serves as a visual representation of the correlation between two sets of data, revealing how one dataset fluctuates concerning another. Also referred to as XY plots due to their incorporation of X and Y axes, scatter plots can be easily generated using Microsoft Excel, a versatile spreadsheet application. This tutorial elucidates the process of creating a scatter plot in Excel.

Step 1: Launch Excel

Initiate Excel and choose the worksheet containing the data intended for graphing. Ensure that the data is organized into two columns, with the first column holding X values and the second column comprising Y values. If the data is in an alternative format, utilize the Data > Convert to XY Scatter command for conversion.

Step 2: Highlight the Data

Click on the initial cell in the first data column, then drag the cursor to the final cell in the last column to highlight all the data pertinent to the scatter plot.

Step 3: Insert the Scatter Plot

Navigate to the Insert tab on the Excel ribbon and click the Scatter button to open the Insert Scatter Plot dialog box.

Step 4: Select Scatter Plot Type

Within the Insert Scatter Plot dialog box, choose the specific type of scatter plot from the three options available:

  • Scatter with only markers
  • Scatter with markers and lines
  • Scatter with only lines

Step 5: Confirm Data Selection

Click the OK button, prompting Excel to generate the scatter plot based on the selected data.

Step 6: Customize the Scatter Plot

Tailor the scatter plot to your preferences by adding a title, modifying axis labels, introducing a trendline, and more. To incorporate a title, click the chart title box and enter a suitable title. For adjusting axis labels, click on the label and input a new designation. To include a trendline, select the chart, then click the Trendline button on the ribbon, prompting Excel to integrate the trendline into the scatter plot.

Step 7: Save the Scatter Plot

Once customization is complete, save the scatter plot by clicking the File > Save As button. Choose a destination to save the file, followed by clicking the Save button.