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Excel Guide

Converting Word to Excel: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you've got a substantial amount of data in Microsoft Word that you'd like to transfer to Microsoft Excel, you can easily transform the information into an Excel workbook with just a few simple steps.

1. Opening Microsoft Word and Creating Your Document

  • Launch Microsoft Word on your computer. If the document you want to convert hasn’t been created yet, follow these guidelines to create it:
  • Generate a table within your document by clicking the Insert tab, selecting Table, clicking Insert Table, and specifying the number of columns and rows.
  • Input the data you intend to convert into the table.

2. Selecting the Data for Conversion

  • Navigate to the Home tab and select the data you want to convert. You can choose an entire row or column by clicking its heading. To select a cell range, click the first cell, hold Shift, and click the last cell in the range.
  • Copying the Chosen Data
  • Copy the selected data by pressing Ctrl+C.

3. Accessing Microsoft Excel

  • Open Microsoft Excel on your computer. If you haven't created the workbook to paste the data into, create it now.

4. Choosing the Cell for Data Paste

  • Click on the specific cell where you want to paste the data, typically the upper-left corner of the worksheet.

5. Pasting the Data

  • Paste the data into the selected cell by pressing Ctrl+V.

6. Saving the Workbook

  • Click on the File tab, select Save As, name the workbook, and then save it. If you want to save the workbook in a different file format, choose the desired format from the Save As drop-down menu and then save it.