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Excel Guide

Finding External Links in Excel

Managing multiple external links within a substantial Excel workbook can pose a challenge in tracking them all, especially in a shared file. However, there exists a method to locate and monitor these external links in an Excel workbook. 2

How to Locate External Links in Excel

To identify external links within an Excel workbook, utilize the "Find and Repair Broken Links" function, accessible through the Data tab on the Excel ribbon. Click on the Data tab, then select the "Find and Repair Broken Links" button to open the corresponding dialog box.

Within this dialog box, all external links in the workbook will be listed. You can obtain more details about each link by clicking on them. To remove a link, select it and use the "Remove Link" button. The "Edit Link" button enables you to modify the link's destination.

To fix a broken link, select it and click on the "Repair Link" button. This action opens the "Repair Broken Link" dialog box, allowing you to input a new destination. Upon entering the new destination, click "OK."

Moreover, this feature can be employed to locate and repair broken links in other workbooks. Simply use the "Browse" button within the "Find and Repair Broken Links" dialog box to select the workbook for link scanning.


This article provided guidance on identifying external links in Excel and employing the "Find and Repair Broken Links" feature to manage broken links in various workbooks, aiming to simplify your Excel experience.