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Excel Guide

Freezing the Top Row and First Column in Excel

If you've ever worked with an extensive Excel spreadsheet, you understand the frustration of losing your place while scrolling. There are several methods to ensure you maintain visibility even during navigation.

Freeze the Top Row

To keep the first row visible while scrolling, you can freeze it. This action will secure the initial row of your spreadsheet no matter how far down you scroll. Simply navigate to the View tab and select Freeze Top Row.

Freeze the First Column

Another way to retain your location is by freezing the first column. This will ensure the first column remains visible even when scrolling horizontally. Access the View tab and choose Freeze First Column.

Freeze Both the Top Row and First Column

For an extra layer of assurance in keeping track of your position, you can freeze both the top row and the first column simultaneously. Navigate to the View tab, select Freeze Panes, and then Freeze Top Row and First Column.

Unfreezing the Top Row and First ColumnIf you wish to undo the freezing of the top row and first column, access the View tab and select Unfreeze Panes.

Helpful Tips

To freeze just the top row or the first column separately, select either Freeze Top Row or Freeze First Column from the View tab.If you accidentally freeze the wrong row or column, swiftly unfreeze it by choosing Unfreeze Panes from the View tab.Quickly freeze the top row and first column by selecting Freeze Panes from the View tab, then clicking on Freeze Top Row and First Column.