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Excel Guide

How to Add a Formula in Excel: Step-by-Step Guide

Integrating formulas into your excel sheet: overcoming initial hurdles for simplified calculation

Create a new Excel spreadsheet

Begin by initiating a new Excel spreadsheet. Access Excel, click the "File" tab, choose "New," and opt for a "Blank Workbook" to establish a fresh spreadsheet.

Input your data into the spreadsheet

After opening a new blank spreadsheet, commence entering your data. Click on the initial cell and input your desired data. After entering, hit the "Enter" key to move to the subsequent cell.

Incorporate the formula

Once your data is keyed into the spreadsheet, you're set to add a formula. Click on the designated cell, enter the "=" sign, followed by the desired formula (e.g., =A1+A2). Upon entering the formula, press the "Enter" key for calculation.

Format the cells

Post-adding formulas, you might wish to format the cells for better aesthetics. Modify the font, background color, etc., by selecting cells and clicking on the "Format" menu.

Save the spreadsheet

After incorporating formulas and formatting, save your spreadsheet. Click on "File," choose "Save As," select the save location, and hit "Save." That's the process!