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Excel Guide

How to Combine First and Last Name in Excel: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have a list of names in Excel and want to combine the first and last names into a single cell, you can easily do this using the CONCATENATE function.


Step 1: Open the Excel Spreadsheet

Open the Excel spreadsheet that contains the first and last names in separate columns. Let's assume the first names are in Column A, and last names are in Column B.

Step 2: Select the Cell

Click on the cell where you want the full name to appear. For example, click on cell C1.

Step 3: Enter the CONCATENATE Formula

Type the following formula into the cell:


Ensure you include the quotation marks and the space between them to add a space between the first and last names.

Step 4: Press Enter

Press Enter, and the full name should now appear in the selected cell.

Step 5: Fill Down the Formula

Click and drag the bottom-right corner of the cell down to the last row of your spreadsheet. This will populate the cells with the full name for each row in the spreadsheet.


  • Reverse Order of Names: If you want the last name to appear first, reverse the order of the cells in the formula. For example, use =CONCATENATE(B1, " ", A1) to have the last name first.
  • Include Middle Initial or Name: If you want to add a middle initial or middle name, add another column for it. If the middle initial is in Column C, the formula would be something like:
  • =CONCATENATE(A1, " ", C1, " ", B1)