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Excel Guide

How to Eliminate Gridlines in Excel: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Gridlines within Microsoft Excel serve as subtle markers outlining cells to distinguish them from one another. Despite their faint appearance, they might prove distracting, prompting the need to eliminate them. This tutorial provides a clear pathway to removing gridlines from an Excel spreadsheet through a few simple steps.

Step One: Access Your Spreadsheet

Initiate by opening your Excel spreadsheet. Once it's accessible, the gridlines will encase the cells. If they aren’t visible, you may need to adjust the zoom level. Navigate to the 'View' tab at the screen's top, click on 'Zoom,' and then modify the zoom level according to your preference.

Step Two: Select Cells for Modification

After identifying the gridlines, proceed to select the cells from which you wish to remove them. Click on the specific cell or cells for individual selection. To choose multiple cells, press the Shift key while selecting or click on the first cell, then drag your mouse to encompass the desired cells.

Step Three: Eliminate Gridlines

Once the cells are selected, prepare to eliminate the gridlines. Head to the 'Home' tab on the screen's top section. Within the 'Font' group, locate the button displaying a paintbrush icon. This is the 'Clear' button. Clicking on it will prompt a menu with various options. Choose 'No Border' from this menu, effectively removing the gridlines from the selected cells.

Step Four: Save Your Modifications

Upon successfully removing the gridlines, save your changes. Click on the 'File' tab at the top of the screen and select 'Save.' Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S. This action saves your alterations, erasing the gridlines from your spreadsheet.


The process of eliminating gridlines from your Excel spreadsheet can significantly declutter and enhance readability. Following the steps outlined in this guide allows for the effortless removal of gridlines from any cells within your spreadsheet.