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Excel Guide

How to Find the Mean in Excel

If you have a large dataset in Excel and need to find the mean (average), you can follow these steps.


  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Select the cell where you want the mean to be displayed. Let's assume you want to display the mean in cell B1.
  3. Type the following formula into the selected cell:
  4. =AVERAGE(A1:A10)
  5. Replace A1:A10 with the actual range of cells containing your data.
  6. Press Enter.

Now, the mean of the data in cells A1 to A10 will be displayed in cell B1.


  1. You can use the AVERAGE function for non-contiguous ranges. For example:
  2. =AVERAGE(A1,A3,A5,A7)
  3. To find the mean of data in an entire column or row, use:
  4. For a column (e.g., column A):
  5. =AVERAGE(A:A)
  6. For a row (e.g., row 1):
  7. =AVERAGE(1:1)
  8. If your data is in a table, use:
  9. =AVERAGE(Table1[Column1])
  10. Replace Table1 with the actual table name and Column1 with the column name in your table.

Finding the mean in Excel is a simple process using the AVERAGE function, and it allows you to quickly calculate the average of your dataset. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!