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Excel Guide

How to Make a Line Graph in Excel

Line graphs are widely used to visualize data, particularly when displaying how something changes over time. Excel is a powerful tool for creating various types of graphs, including line graphs. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a line graph in Excel:

Getting Started

  1. Prepare Your Data:Before creating a line graph, ensure you have the data you want to graph. This data can be numerical or non-numerical, contained in a table.
  2. Determine Graph Purpose:Decide what you want your line graph to represent. Are you showing how data changes over time, or do you want to compare multiple items?

Creating a Line Graph

  1. Select Data:Click on the cell in the upper-left corner of your data and drag your mouse down to the lower-right corner to select the data.
  2. Insert Line Graph:
  3. Click the Insert tab in the Excel ribbon.
  4. Click on the Line option. Choose the specific type of line graph you want (e.g., Line with Markers, Stacked Line).
  5. Review Your Graph:A line graph will be inserted into your spreadsheet, displaying the selected data.

Formatting Your Line Graph

  1. Click on the Line Graph:Select the line graph in your spreadsheet.
  2. Format Tab:
  3. Click the Format tab in the Excel ribbon.
  4. Customize Appearance:
  5. Change the color, width, and style of the lines using the options available in the Format tab.
  6. Add a title by clicking on the Chart Title button.
  7. Add axis labels using the Axis Titles button.
  8. Add Legend:
  9. Click on the Legend button to add a legend to your graph.
  10. Click on the legend to type descriptions for each line.


Creating line graphs in Excel is a straightforward process that involves selecting your data and using Excel's built-in tools to generate and format the graph. By customizing the appearance, adding titles, labels, and legends, you can create a visually appealing line graph that effectively communicates your data trends.

Experiment with these steps in Excel to get hands-on experience with creating and formatting line graphs.