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Excel Guide

Line Break Mastery: How to Go to the Next Line in Excel

Understanding how to go to the next line in Excel is crucial for presenting and formatting data in a readable manner. This guide will walk you through the steps to insert line breaks within a cell, allowing you to enhance the clarity of your text.

Step 1: Open Your Excel Worksheet

1.1 Launch Microsoft Excel and open the worksheet containing the cell where you want to go to the next line.

Step 2: Select the Cell

2.1 Click on the cell where you want to insert a line break.

Step 3: Go to the Formula Bar

3.1 Look at the Formula Bar, located above your worksheet.

Step 4: Position the Cursor

4.1 Position the cursor at the point in the text where you want the line break.

Step 5: Insert a Line Break

5.1 Press Alt + Enter on your keyboard. This keyboard shortcut inserts a line break within the cell.

Step 6: Verify the Line Break

6.1 The text in the cell will now extend to the next line at the cursor's position.

Additional Tips:

  • Wrap Text Option:
  • If you want the text to automatically wrap to the next line within the cell, you can use the "Wrap Text" option. Select the cell, go to the "Home" tab, and click on "Wrap Text" in the "Alignment" group.
  • Adjust Row Height:
  • If the text doesn't appear fully on the next line, you may need to adjust the row height. Right-click on the row number, choose "Row Height," and set a height that accommodates the wrapped text.
  • Use CHAR Function:
  • You can also use the CHAR(10) function to insert a line break. Type the text, enter =CHAR(10), and continue with the next line of text.


Knowing how to go to the next line in Excel allows you to format your text for better readability. By following these steps, you can easily insert line breaks within cells, ensuring that your data is presented in a clear and organized manner. Whether you're creating reports, labels, or any other document, this skill enhances the presentation and professionalism of your Excel worksheets.