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Excel Guide

Sheet Harmony: A Guide on How to Group Worksheets in Excel

Grouping worksheets in Excel is a powerful feature that allows you to manage and manipulate multiple sheets simultaneously. This guide will walk you through the steps to group and ungroup worksheets, providing you with enhanced control and efficiency in working with your Excel workbook.

Step 1: Open Your Excel Workbook

1.1 Launch Microsoft Excel and open the workbook containing the sheets you want to group.

Step 2: Select the Sheets to Group

2.1 Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.2.2 Click on the sheet tabs of the sheets you want to group. Alternatively, click on the first sheet tab, hold down Shift, and click on the last sheet tab to select a range of sheets.

Step 3: Right-Click and Choose "Group"

3.1 Right-click on any of the selected sheet tabs.3.2 In the context menu, choose "Group."

Step 4: Verify Grouped Sheets

4.1 The selected sheets will now be grouped. You'll notice a bracketed number indicating the group in the sheet tabs.

Step 5: Navigate and Edit Grouped Sheets

5.1 Click on any sheet tab within the group to navigate.5.2 Make changes to one sheet, and the changes will be reflected in all grouped sheets.

Step 6: Ungroup Sheets (Optional)

6.1 To ungroup sheets, right-click on any sheet tab within the group.6.2 Choose "Ungroup."

Additional Tips:

  • Nested Groups:
  • You can create nested groups by selecting already grouped sheets along with additional sheets.
  • Use the Ribbon:
  • In Excel 2013 and later versions, you can use the "Sheet" tab on the ribbon. Select the sheets you want to group and click on "Group Sheets."
  • Color Code Tabs:
  • To easily identify grouped sheets, you can color code the sheet tabs. Right-click on the sheet tab, choose "Tab Color," and select a color.


Grouping worksheets in Excel streamlines your workflow and facilitates efficient management of multiple sheets. By following these steps, you can easily group and ungroup sheets based on your analytical or presentation needs. Whether you're organizing data, creating reports, or any other task, grouping worksheets enhances the flexibility and control of your Excel workbook.