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Excel Guide

Visual Impact: A Guide on How to Apply Strikethrough in Excel

Beyond numerical calculations, Excel is a versatile tool for formatting and presenting data. In this guide, we'll explore the visual enhancement of text through the application of strikethrough in Excel, allowing you to emphasize or denote specific information within your spreadsheet.

Understanding the Strikethrough Format:

Before we delve into the steps, let's acknowledge the strikethrough format and its significance. Strikethrough involves placing a horizontal line through text, providing a visual indication that the content is either deleted, marked as completed, or requires attention.

Selecting the Text to Strikethrough:

The first step in applying strikethrough is selecting the specific text or cells that you want to format. This section of the guide will guide you through the process of highlighting the text, ensuring you have a clear focus on the information you wish to emphasize.

Accessing the Strikethrough Option:

Excel simplifies the formatting process with an intuitive toolbar. We'll provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to access and apply the strikethrough format, ensuring you can effortlessly enhance the visual presentation of your selected text.

Using the Format Cells Dialog for Strikethrough:

For more advanced formatting options, Excel offers the Format Cells dialog. We'll explore how to access this dialog to apply strikethrough, providing additional control over the appearance of the formatted text.

Conditional Formatting with Strikethrough:

Excel's conditional formatting feature allows you to automate strikethrough based on specific conditions. We'll briefly introduce you to this advanced functionality, enabling you to dynamically apply strikethrough to cells that meet certain criteria.

Removing Strikethrough:

If you need to reverse the strikethrough formatting, Excel makes it easy to remove. We'll guide you through the process of removing strikethrough, ensuring you have the flexibility to adjust the visual presentation of your text as needed.

Best Practices for Strikethrough in Excel:

Understanding best practices ensures effective and consistent use of strikethrough formatting. This guide will share tips on when and how to apply strikethrough, maintaining a professional and organized appearance in your spreadsheet.


Applying strikethrough in Excel is a valuable formatting skill for emphasizing or denoting specific information. This guide equips you with the knowledge and step-by-step instructions needed to seamlessly apply strikethrough, empowering you to enhance the visual impact of your text within your spreadsheet. As you enhance your Excel proficiency, remember that thoughtful formatting contributes to the clarity and professionalism of your data presentation. Stay tuned for more insights and tips to optimize your Excel experience.