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I love my bank’s tech — said no business ever

Finofo excels where banks disappoint you — automate accounts payable, collect international revenues like a local business, and manage cash across multiple entities.
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From ERP to Supplier’s Bank Account

Automatically retrieve hundreds of ready-to-pay
bills directly from
Efficient Bill Management
Eliminate manual payment data entry
Instant Global Payments without wire charges
Execute multi-currency bill payments globally with just a single click and eliminate expensive wires
Sync and Simplify
Automate reconciliation to speed up your financial closing process

Optimize Corporate Cards

Smart management, flexible spending
Issue Cards On-Demand
Create a physical or virtual card for any team member in seconds.
Multi-Currency Flexibility
Utilize multi-currency capabilities tied to your global accounts, reducing the need for currency conversions.
Flexible Spending Controls
Empower your team while keeping control: set and adjust limits, or lock cards with a click.
Earn As You Spend
Get unlimited 0.75% cashback on every transaction, both domestic and international.
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Using a Bank?

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Working with an FX Broker?

Are they really looking out for your best interests? Understand the trade-offs.
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Using other Fintechs?

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