Automate cross-border payments and currency risk management
Payments, cash flow forecasts, automated currency risk management and real-time monitoring -- all from a single free-to-use platform
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Model your cash flows without spending hours on tedious spreadsheets
We help you integrate cash flow data, understand historical trends, build forecasts, and stress test your assumptions to changing market conditions
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Measure and understand FX risk in your organisation
At a glance, view the impacts of currency movement scenarios on your bottom line and cash flows. See how likely you are to achieve your targets based on current market conditions.
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Ready to Experience the Change?
We are on a mission to empower financial decision makers with real-time risk analytics and recommendations for confident decision making.

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Get hyper individualised hedging
Our recommendation engine simulates multiple scenarios and recommends an optimal hedging strategy unique to your business’ requirements.
Understand recommended hedging tools and strategies and see the impact of hedging on your bottom line and cash flows at various market outcomes.
Understand if hedging is right for your business and make data-driven hedging decisions.
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Execute on your hedging strategy directly from the platform
We enable you to book hedges, perform spot FX transactions, and utilise hedges to send payments globally and receive payments from customers in your personal FX wallets.
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Monitor your hedging strategy’s performance in real-time, 24/7.
FX markets operate 24/7 and so should your broker. We send you personalised real-time alerts and trade recommendations based on market movements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the platform be free?

Finofo wants to revolutionise the FX industry by making FX Risk Management an automated process powered by data analysis and machine learning. We want to give back control to the user rather than having FX Risk Management advisors sell you trades based on their personal understanding of the FX markets; and very limited understanding of your business.

We are disrupting the compensation model in the industry and eliminating excessive commissions these advisors are paid which is based on the volume of FX products businesses buy/sell through them.

Our business model is simple; we only make money when you buy/sell FX products on our platform. We want to empower financial decision makers of organisations with real-time risk analytics of their business to enable confident decision making, and we encourage you all to give us an opportunity to help you achieve your business objectives even if you don’t end up transacting on our platform.

How secure will my data be?

At this time, we are only collecting very basic information about your business that you share with us. We will be using this data to keep you informed about our product release and aggregate the information without any names to understand the interest in our product. Our data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption method in transit.

How soon will the product be available?

We are working hard to get this product out to you. We promise to keep you informed about our progress and we are very thankful for your support by showing interest in changing the status quo for the FX industry in Canada.

How can I sign up for your product release?

It’s easy. Please fill the form below & we’ll reach out to you.

Get early access to our transformational technology and join us towards building the future of currency exchange.
Sign up for our beta product release and help us design a product that you would love to use. Our product will always be free to use; we only make money when you trade FX products on our platform.
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