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Global Accounts, Accounts Payables, and FX —

Get multi-currency accounts, convert currencies, and automate your accounts payables - all from one place.
  • Spot FX
  • International Payments
  • Collect FX Revenues
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Complicated and time-consuming payment operations.
  • Inefficient, error-prone invoice processing
  • Laborious, manual data transcription between systems
  • FX approvals are made out of the system, causing delays
  • Lack of recorded approvals complicates audit trails
  • Limited visibility into payment status and history
Streamlined and efficient payment operations.
  • Smart invoice capture and payment within the platform
  • Seamless integrations with Canadian bank accounts
  • Centralized FX conversions and payment approvals
  • Simplified, audit-friendly record keeping
  • Real-time payment tracking and status updates

Banks are slow and charge a fortune to exchange currencies

Finofo covers international payments across 180 countries and 40 currencies with competitive exchange rates and swift turnaround times. Gain peace of mind by tracking your payments in real-time, ensuring your suppliers receive their funds without delay.
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Need USD, GBP, and EUR local accounts to get paid?

Gain access to your own local multi-currency accounts in all major currencies and get paid locally. Hold your earnings in that currency or convert to your home currency.
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Invoice approval workflows for your Accounts Payables team

  • Easily onboard team members and customize their roles and permissions
  • Collaborate with your team on outstanding invoices and record all approvals in one place
  • Stay in control by reviewing and approving invoices anytime, anywhere - even on the go
Boost Efficiency

Never lose track of your payments

Schedule, bulk pay, or split invoice payments. Get a comprehensive overview of all supplier accounts and keep vendors informed and satisfied with intelligent notifications that provide updates on payment status.
Simplify Payments

Juggling multiple banking platforms?

Unify your banking experience by connecting all bank accounts to a single platform. Effortlessly make payments using funds from any linked account, and say goodbye to manual reconciliation.*
Simplify Banking
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