Your bank loves complications. We don’t

See how Finofo solves the pain points of Tech & SaaS companies.
Become a Customer Champion
Get multi-currency accounts in your company’s name to collect customer payments like a local player.
Maximize your Net ACV and ARR
Convert international revenue, 24/7 at favorable exchange rates and eliminate wire transfer fee.
Seamless US-Canada cash flow
Real-time, fee-free transfers between your entities.
Close your books 90% faster
ERP sync with Finofo means more time for actual work.
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Using a Bank?

Here’s what your Finance team endures — experience their pain.
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Working with an FX Broker?

Are they really looking out for your best interests? Understand the trade-offs.
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Using other Fintechs?

Are they truly solving your needs? Compare and see the difference.