It’s hard to find a
bank that gets right

—that’s why we created

100 AP bills queued in ERP, ready to be paid

Bank Sync: see you in a decade

From ERP to Payment, Finofo makes it happen now

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What about uploading CSV files to make payments?

Upload csv? More like upload impossible

With Finofo, importing Bills & Vendors is as easy as it should be

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Want to issue a new card or adjust limits?
Prepare to dial, not click

Ready to call?
Enjoy the classic 1 800 experience

Finofo enables real-time card controls at your fingertips

Issue, adjust limits, and freeze cards—all in a few clicks.
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Lower conversion markups? Forget it.
They want you to pay the loyalty penalty

With Finofo, convert and hold global currencies at competitive rates—no games, just gains

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Separate logins for US and Canada entities. Because banks think complexity is a feature, not a bug

Pay more. Wait longer

Finofo: One Platform, Multiple Roles, and Instant Related Entity Transfers

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Banks won't change, but you can

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