Food & Agriculture

Cultivate Profits,
Not Paperwork

Leverage Finofo’s platform to grow your Agribusiness globally
Simplify US-Canada cash movement
Open unique USD accounts domiciled in the US to enable 24/7 real-time conversions and eliminate wire fees for money transfers.
Open receivable accounts across the globe
Operate like a local in over 10 countries without the need for local business registration, simplifying global payments.
Improve relationship with Packaging suppliers in China
Get unique local accounts in Hong Kong to send, receive, and hold funds locally.
Integrate with your ERPs
Exports bills and beneficiaries from your ERPs to optimize global bill management.
Optimize costs for Machinery and Raw Materials
Access competitive FX rates to minimize expenses and boost profitability when sourcing internationally.
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Working with an FX Broker?

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Using other Fintechs?

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