Treasury Management

Streamline your Treasury Operations

Unified financial operations management across borders and entities.
Manage North American Entities from a Single Dashboard
Integrate all administrative controls for your Canadian and US entities into one platform. Effortlessly add and assign roles to team members, enhancing coordination and streamlining operations across borders.
Move Money in Real-Time Without Fees — 24/7
Execute instant, fee-free fund transfers between your US and Canadian entities, ensuring your capital is where you need it, whenever you need it—day or night.
All Your Cash, One Platform
Consolidate your cash management processes. Track and control funds across all accounts and entities with unparalleled ease, improving financial visibility and control.
Adapt and Expand Without Compromise
Our platform scales with your business, supporting additional entities and currencies as your operations grow. Maintain control and visibility, no matter the size of your enterprise.
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