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Rethink financial operations

We help business finance teams become more productive.

Our story

Finofo emerged from our firsthand encounters with the challenges businesses face in financial operations. Recognizing the limitations of existing solutions, we were inspired to develop a more efficient and effective platform to address these pain points.
The collage you see here represents our hard work and dedication to innovating a solution to the problems faced by us, our clients, and the FX industry. We are a team of technologists, financial engineers, and business builders, driven by a shared passion of making our customers' lives easier.
Financial Planning
Global Accounts
Treasury Management

Our mission

To build the only financial platform businesses should ever need.
Business finance teams currently have to piece meal a solution for their diverse needs. Our goal is to exponentially improve how finance teams transact, plan, and strategize their financial operations by offering a unified and integrated platform.

Our guiding principles

We deeply believe in continual innovation, customer obsession, transparency, and meritocracy. Our platform's features, such as hyper-personalization, intuitiveness, enhanced visibility, and automation embody these core values.

Anchored by our principles, we focus on delivering outstanding experiences while transforming business finance and setting new industry standards.

Our investors

Finofo is backed by some of the best early-stage investors from Canada and the US, including, Motivate Venture Capital, SaaS Venture Capital, and Desjardins.
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