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Royal Bank of Canada

How to manually create a new Payment Order in your RBC PayEdge account?

Let's understand how to create a payment order in your RBC PayEdge account, streamlining your bill management process.

In this article, we'll guide you through creating a payment order in RBC PayEdge. Current support articles on the RBC help page may be unclear, so we aim to offer straightforward, detailed instructions on this topic.

Here are the different ways to add a payment to your RBC PayEdge account:

Option 1: From the dashboard, select "Payments" > "New Payment Order." You can add payments to the order by file upload, importing from accounting software, or manual input.

Option 2: From the dashboard, select "Create Payment Order" at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You can add payments to the order in the same ways: file upload, import from accounting software, or manual input.

Here is how the 'New Payment Order' page looks like: 

Option 3: Use the "Quick Pay & Transfers" function available on the dashboard.

There are certain features/buttons on the the payments section that do not add value to the users. For example, if you're creating a new payment order, RBC PayEdge allows you to add the invoice to the payment. However, it does not autofill any details; you must still take the time to manually input the beneficiary/supplier details, the amount, and any notes for each payment. What is the point of having 'upload invoice' option when there are no outcomes offered? 

How is Finofo different?

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