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How to create an EFT template in your BMO business account?

Discover how to create EFT templates in your BMO business account.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create EFT templates in your BMO Online Banking for Business account. The existing guides may not provide the detailed instructions you're seeking, so we aim to explain the process step by step.

Creating templates is your initial step towards sending or receiving EFT payments efficiently.

Stage 1: Access EFT Templates:

  • Please open your BMO account, and go to the "Payments & Receivables" tab.
  • Under "Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)", choose "Create Template".
  • Select an EFT Account ID.

Stage 2: Template Details: Enter a Template Name and Template Description.

Stage 3: Under “Payment Type”, pick "Debit" for incoming payments or "Credit" if you’re sending money.

Stage 4: Choose a Payment Code that best describes your transactions. Please enter your company’s short and full name.

Stage 5: Saving the Template- At the bottom of the page, click "Save". Under “Add Payers/Payees”, enter the details of a payer or payee and select "Add to List".

Once you’re done, click "Save" again at the bottom of the page. This will also update your total payments and total amount.

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