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Karthikeyan Sundaram
Karthikeyan Sundaram
June 10, 2024

A Guide to BSB Codes in Australia: What they are and where to find them?

BSB codes are primarily used in Australia for transferring money to a bank account. In this article, we'll explain more about BSB codes and where to find them.
A Guide to BSB Codes in Australia: What they are and where to find them?

A BSB code is a number assigned to each branch of a bank in Australia. It is a six-digit number used by almost all popular banks. These can be found on bank checks, other bank documents, and in online banking statements. It is important to use your BSB number when making payments to your account or applying for a loan.

The BSB number indicates three main things:

  • The first two digits act as the bank identifier, indicating the parent financial institution or bank code.
  • The third digit indicates the state where the branch is located.
  • The last three digits indicate the individual branch location or location cod

What does a BSB Code look like?

A BSB code is made up of six digits in the format AAB-CCC.

  • Digits 1-2 (AA) represent the bank or financial institution
  • Digit 3 (B) represents the state where the bank branch is located
  • Digits 4-6 (CCC) represent the bank branch’s specific location

For example, one of Bank Australia’s branches has the code 313-000. The digits “31” indicate that this branch is part of Bank Australia, and all other Bank Australia branches share these first two digits. The next “3” means that the branch is in the state of Victoria. Finally, “000” distinguishes this branch from other Bank Australia branches.

Some banks are “branchless” and use the same BSB code in all cases, meaning that the last three digits may be the same no matter which bank branch you use.

Where can you find your BSB Code?

If you have an online bank account, you may be able to find your BSB code in your online account or on your latest bank statement.

You can also look up valid BSB codes online. By visiting, you can enter a six-digit BSB code or look up a bank name to retrieve details.

Because BSB codes identify banks and not individual accounts, you do not need to provide personal information to find a BSB code. Knowledge of a bank’s location is sufficient to find its BSB code.

Here are a few important links and BSB numbers:

National Australia Bank (NAB) Website:

Commonwealth Bank Website:

ANZ Website:

Westpac Website:

Bank of Queensland BSB: 124-001

Macquarie Bank BSB: 182-512

Bendigo Bank Website:

AMP Bank Ltd BSB: 939-200

Suncorp Bank BSB: 484-799

Bankwest Website:!

What will I need to send money to a bank account in Australia?

To make bank transfers in Australia, you will need a BSB code and a bank account number.

BSB codes identify banks and their branches, whereas a bank account number identifies the particular bank account of you or your transaction partner.

If you are sending money to an Australian bank account, you will need to obtain the bank account number of the transaction recipient. Or, if you are receiving money in Australia, you will need to provide your own bank account number to the sender.

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