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Adding Dual Foreign Currency Transactions in QuickBooks

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Switching to multi-currency mode in QuickBooks is a straightforward process, designed to be user-friendly for businesses engaging in international transactions. QuickBooks provides excellent support to help customers make this transition smoothly, offering guidance through their customer service and comprehensive Knowledge Base resources. 

Let’s speak about a very specific case here. Imagine a Canadian manufacturing business that needs to convert US Dollars to Euros. In QuickBooks, this transaction takes a more intricate route than one might expect. Instead of a direct exchange from a US Dollar account to a Euro account, the process involves using a Canadian Dollar clearing account as an intermediary.

This method requires the completion of two distinct transaction entries. The first transaction involves converting US Dollars to Canadian Dollars, and the second transaction handles the conversion from Canadian Dollars to Euros. This two-step approach, a necessity within QuickBooks' operational structure, seems more complex than a direct currency exchange. Despite its capabilities, QuickBooks is essentially an accounting software with notable quirks in handling dual foreign currency transactions. This leads us to the question: Is this indirect method of handling multi-currency conversions truly the most effective and efficient for businesses?

How does it happen with Finofo?

If this currency conversion scenario were to occur within Finofo, the process would be markedly easier and more straightforward. Finofo allows businesses to create multiple accounts in various currencies and provides dedicated currency wallets. This setup facilitates a hassle-free money transfer directly from one currency account to another. 

For the Canadian business, converting US Dollars to Euros would be a single, seamless transaction, bypassing the need for an intermediary Canadian Dollar clearing account. Behind the scenes, Finofo streamlines your financial operations with tailored accounting integrations, ensuring quick book closures. Its automated system efficiently creates journal entries, easing the burden on your accounting staff and saving precious time.

An Overview of Currency Conversion Using Finofo

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Karthikeyan Sundaram