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Faster Payment Systems (FPS) in Hong Kong

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The Faster Payment System (FPS) in Hong Kong represents a significant step forward in the region’s digital payment landscape. Launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), FPS offers real-time, cross-bank money transfers, allowing for efficient and immediate transactions. This system enables payments and fund transfers using simple identifiers like mobile phone numbers or email addresses, significantly simplifying the process of sending and receiving money. FPS has been instrumental in advancing Hong Kong's vision of a fully integrated, efficient, and inclusive digital payment ecosystem, appealing to both individual consumers and businesses.

History of FPS

FPS was introduced in September 2018 as part of HKMA’s initiative to enhance the financial infrastructure of Hong Kong. Its development was aimed at fostering greater financial inclusion and promoting a shift towards a cashless society. FPS was designed to link banks and e-wallet operators on a single platform, offering versatility in payment options and enhancing transaction efficiency. The system quickly gained traction for its user-friendly interface and its ability to process transactions instantaneously, regardless of the participating institution.

Business Scenario

  • Businesses Involved: 'Pearl Electronics Ltd.', a consumer electronics retailer in Hong Kong, and 'Dragon Components Ltd.', a component supplier based in Kowloon.
  • Banks Used: Pearl Electronics has an account with HSBC Hong Kong, while Dragon Components operates with Hang Seng Bank.
  • Transaction Requirement: Pearl Electronics needs to promptly pay Dragon Components HKD 100,000 for a bulk order of electronic parts.

While FPS offers a revolutionary approach to payments in Hong Kong, it does have some limitations.

Costs Involved in the Transfer Process

One of the significant advantages of FPS is that it is generally free for individual users, making it an attractive choice for everyday transactions. However, for businesses, particularly those receiving payments, there might be nominal fees involved, which are generally lower than those for traditional electronic payment methods. These costs can vary depending on the financial institution and the specific business banking package. 

Timelines for the Transfer

FPS stands out for its ability to process payments almost instantaneously. Transactions made through FPS are typically completed within seconds, providing a rapid solution for transferring funds. This immediacy is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive transactions, both for personal and business purposes. The system operates around the clock, ensuring that users can make and receive payments any time of the day, including weekends and public holidays.


As Hong Kong continues to strengthen its role as a pivotal link between East and West in the global economy, its strategic location has become increasingly appealing to international businesses. If you're operating without a physical presence in Hong Kong but need to utilize FPS (Faster Payment System) for seamless transactions with local suppliers and vendors, Finofo offers a perfect solution. By setting up a free account with Finofo, you can effectively engage in the Hong Kong market as a local business, fully harnessing the capabilities of FPS. This approach enables you to fortify your business connections and operate with the efficiency and agility of any local Hong Kong business, optimizing your transactions in this critical financial hub.

Karthikeyan Sundaram