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Karthikeyan Sundaram
Karthikeyan Sundaram
June 12, 2024

Understanding ACH and Fedwire Routing codes in the USA

In the USA, ACH and Fedwire routing codes are essential for identifying banks during transactions. Learn more about these codes and where to locate them in this article.
Understanding ACH and Fedwire Routing codes in the USA

ACH and Fedwire routing codes are crucial for processing various financial transactions in the USA. This article will explain what these codes are and how to find them.

An ACH routing number is a nine-digit code that banks and financial institutions use to identify the specific facility responsible for the payment and transfer of money between accounts within the United States. Like a home address, an ACH routing number directs electronically transferred funds to the correct bank and branch. The number is necessary for setting up direct deposits, automatic payments and wire transfers. Each bank or credit union has a unique code. You can find this code in multiple ways: by checking the bottom of a cheque from the institution, by searching for it on the bank's online banking systems or by contacting the bank directly.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a network used to move money and information electronically between banks and financial institutions within the United States

How can you find an ACH routing number?

There are several methods for locating an ACH routing number:

  • Check the bottom of a cheque associated with the account. Traditionally, the first set of numbers printed on the left side is the routing number.
  • Look at a bank statement. Some banks include the routing number on statements.
  • Log in to the financial institution's online banking platform or mobile app. Typically, the routing number is listed in the account information or account settings section. Most banks have an FAQ section or a dedicated page where they list their routing number.
  • Use the official American Bankers Association routing number lookup tool. This is accessible to anyone who needs to find or verify a routing number.
  • For credit unions, the routing number can usually be found by visiting the website or by calling customer service for assistance.

Some financial institutions have several routing numbers that serve different purposes or regions. It's important to use the correct routing number to avoid any delays.

What is Fedwire/ABA Routing Number in the US?

An ABA routing number is a nine-digit code used in the United States to identify financial institutions and facilitate the processing of checks, electronic funds transfers, and other banking transactions. Assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA), this unique number ensures that money is routed accurately and efficiently between banks. It is essential for various banking activities, including direct deposits, bill payments, and wire transfers.

You can find the ABA Routing Number at the bottom of your checks. The ABA Routing Number is the left-most number, followed by your account number, and then by the number of the check. Alternatively, you can attempt to establish the correct Fedwire/ABA code for your payment by searching the American Federal Reserve routing directory.

How to Find Your Routing Number Online?

Logging into your online banking account will provide you access to your bank's routing number. Another place to look is on a bank-issued check or your bank statement. To ensure your bank processes your payment securely and efficiently, always verify routing numbers with your bank or the recipient.