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Feature Release
May 8, 2024

Finofo - QuickBooks Online Integration is now live!

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to hundreds of customers. The most common feature request was, “Do you have integrations with accounting platforms?”. We recognized that finance teams needed robust ERP integrations, so we began working on connecting Finofo with these systems.

We're excited to announce that the integration between Finofo and QuickBooks Online (QBO) is now live!

Users can seamlessly connect both Finofo and QBO with just a click—it's that simple!

What happens after you connect both systems?

  • Sync beneficiaries on Finofo and QBO (aka vendors or suppliers).
  • All transactions including conversions, deposits, withdrawals, and bill payments can be atomically pushed to QBO. We take care of the complex journal entries and build it for you. 
  • All bills added to Finofo can be pushed to QBO. 
  • Pre-Authorized/Direct Debit Deposits from bank accounts to Finofo are registered in QBO.
  • Bank account withdrawals: Transfers from Finofo accounts to your bank accounts are updated in QBO.

There are many more advantages to having the two systems connected. But, what’s the best part? The sync between the platforms is almost real-time!

This is how the connection page looks like on Finofo-

You can disconnect and reconnect QBO with Finofo at any time in the future, and the pairings and defaults will be restored.

More than 10,000 Canadian businesses use QBO for accounting and bookkeeping. If you're looking for a robust alternative to banks for streamlining your international bill management, you're in the right place.

Finofo is your one-stop shop for managing all global payments while seamlessly integrating with QBO.

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